What should be considered when buying a coal stove

What should be considered when purchasing a coal stove

The coal burning zones of the stoves should be covered with refractory bricks to maintain the temperature, and the heat emitting zone should be unbricked, the stoves should be arranged to be burnt from the top for high volatile coals (10 and above), The primary air that makes the coal burn can be adjusted and the desired temperature can be provided in the room. The stove should be designed in such a way that the primary air passes through the coal bed and goes upwards, No visible pollutants should be thrown from the chimney under all kinds of combustion conditions,

All covers on the stove must be made airtight with heat-resistant fireproof and time-proof gaskets, There must be a mechanism to prevent the flue flap from closing completely, High temperature-resistant gaskets must be placed correctly and it must be guaranteed that it is airtight when the stove doors are closed, Efficiency must be at all burning rates and every It should be the same with any kind of solid fuel, The grill should be chrome alloy iron, The body material of the stove should be made of solid cast iron or steel plate with a wall thickness of at least 5 mm, The dust emission from the chimney under all operating conditions should not exceed 20% opacity, should prepare a manual on how to install it.