Hazelnut Coal

Hazelnut coal is used in factories, poultry farms and solid fuel systems. Its dimensions are 10-18 mm. We have 3 different product types: washed hazelnut charcoal, dried hazelnut charcoal and washed dried hazelnut charcoal. The hazelnut is enriched by washing in the coal washing pool and its high calories are obtained. We also sell this coal, which is more preferred in stoker boiler types, in bags.

There are 3 types of product groups. You can choose according to the type of boiler you use or your request.

  • hazelnut charcoal
  • Washed hazelnut charcoal
  • Washed dried hazelnut charcoal

Hazelnut Coal What are its features?

  • Calorie : 3.900 - 4.500 Kcal
  • Dimensions : 10 - 18 mm
  • Category : Domestic Coal
  • Usage areas : BOILERSINDUSTRY