Powder Coal

Powdered coal is the form of coal that comes out of the ground as raw (whole) sifted with a sieving machine and transformed into dimensions between 0 and 12 mm. Powdered coal is generally sold in 0.5-10 mm size in the market. 95% of this coal is used by the factories for steam purposes to obtain high heat. Today, many mining producers wash these coals in a special washing pool, clean the dirty wastes (clay, soil, stone, etc.) and turn them into pure enriched coal. Afterwards, this enriched coal is finally dried in the drying facility, thereby reducing the moisture content in it and obtaining high calorie content. As a fuel, the usage rate is generally much higher in fluidized bed type boilers.

Powder Coal What are its features?

  • Calorie : 3.200 - 3.500 Kcal
  • Dimensions : 0-12 mm
  • Category : Domestic Coal
  • Usage areas : INDUSTRY