How to burn coal


Ignite from above for coal to burn efficiently. Although the stove leaks smoke, be careful with the bends and extensions of the stove pipes. Fill the stove by 3/2. Keep the stove pipes long so that they do not interfere with the draft. Use few bends. Clean your chimney at least 1-2 times a year. Do not throw coal on the burning coal in the stove, after the burning coal turns into ash, add coal to the ash. Do not throw any waste materials such as aluminum, newspaper pieces, bags etc. into the burning stove. In such cases, it may cause your chimney to dry quickly and block the chimneys.

For the charcoal to be more durable, keep the stove's air cover open / closed properly in accordance with the weather conditions. Do not close the upper and lower air intake lids before the coal partially combines and turns into embers. To get a better efficiency from heat, keep the stove at least 50-60 cm from the wall distance. We recommend a piece of wood, kindling to ignite the stove. If it is ignited with other waste materials, it may harm both your chimney and your health. NOTE: Be careful not to burn the stove in windy and windy weathers. It can cause serious deaths and poisoning. Hundreds of people die in one year in our country due to this reason.


When it is necessary to add coal to the Boiler, place the new coal next to it, not on the burning core. Do not open the fire and ashtray cover, adjust the air intake by means of the flaps on the covers and ensure the desired burning. Adjust the boiler water temperature according to the outdoor temperature and ensure the combustion. Adjust the chimney damper to suit. Apply the boiler sleep method at night so that you don't have the first ignition cost.